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Houston Happy Hour Finder was founded by Maddie & Lee Banta. The idea came about when Lee was in law school and they were on a tight budget, but still wanted to go out and enjoy Houston. While there were articles in the local papers or blogs about the best happy hour specials, there wasn't an easy way to filter or find a good happy hour based on the price of the specials.

Fast forward a few years, finally, with the time to be able to bring this project to fruition, they have built the site and are aiming to provide Houston with an easy and reliable way to find Happy Hours in Houston.

Please keep in mind that this site is a side project and a labor of love. Over the years we have slowly accumulated the 'research' (aka we have gone to a fair number of bars and have taken pictures of the table tents/ special boards), but some information in here might not be up-to-date. If that is the case, we apologize and if you email us, we can fix it.

This site will expand in features and functionality, but the fastest way for it to expand is if you send us the happy hour specials or ideas for features you would like to see included on here.

We hope this site serves you and makes it easier for you to find happy hours in Houston!

-Maddie & Lee

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