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Just Launched

Just Launched

Welcome to Houston Happy Hour Finder! This website has been a dream of ours for almost 5 years and we are so excited that it has finally become a reality.

5 years ago we moved to Houston from the east coast for my husband to go to law school. We lived off of one salary but still wanted to take advantage of everything that Houston had to offer. Happy Hours became our lifeline: we could stay within our budget(ish), but still test out new restaurants and bars.

We quickly realized that the problem with happy hours are that they are often hidden on table cards or chalkboards in the bar or restaurant. There is no easy way to quickly filter or find a bar based on their specials. Let's just say after searching though enough websites we decided to do something about it.

The website that we launched today is just the start. It's taken hours and hours to compile the happy hours and to code out this site. It's a labor of love to say the least. But, if you have any ideas for improvement we hope that you send in your thoughts.

All of the information on this site has been manually compiled and entered....not robots or easy buttons here. If you see anything that is inaccurate please please bring it to our attention.

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