Self-Accountability, or, The only person who made you take that last drink was the doofus looking you in the mirror

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye” - Every Mom in America

While we advocate for a good time, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing (sorry Alan Jackson). A hearty libation (or two) can be a great end to the work day--or the start of a solid weekend--but our website, advertisements, promotions, etc. are not meant to encourage cranking it up to 11. We developed this site because frugality led us to search out deals. So just because you can buy 2 for the price of 1 doesn’t mean that you should. Rather, take the advice of that salt-and-peppery sage of a certain beer brand from south of the border (no free ads Dos Equis) and “Stay thirsty my friends.” Put simply, if your pickled pea brain convinces you to another round of Jose Cuervo, which results in you spending a night in the drunk tank with a man named Animal, or on the couch after your significant other gets fed up with your drunk humor, don’t blame us--you only have yourself to blame.

And you kiddos out there--you must be 21 to ride this ride. Not only is youth wasted on the young, but so is cheap booze. So enjoy your healthy liver, non-aching joints, promising future, and new-fangled music, and leave the bars to the adults. You’ll have plenty of time to make mistakes later. For now, Stay sober Ponyboy. And if we hear you trying to use your older sibling’s ID to try and get into a bar, we’ll call your mother--no joke.

Accurate Info: It takes a village
We at Houston Happy Hour Finder strive to provide our H-Town homies the best and most current info on happy hours offered by the fine establishments in this fair city of ours…but we make no guarantees. You see, bars/restaurants/drinking establishments/watering holes/ice houses/dives may change their deals without giving us a head’s up, thus rendering the listings on our site inaccurate. This is not our intention, and we certainly apologize for causing any inconvenience to your afternoon/evening, but don’t shoot the messenger (nor anyone for that matter--especially the bartenders, they’re the best). Instead, encourage your favorite establishment to send us the new deal--or better yet--drop us a line about the current happy hour specials.

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