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A restaurant with globally-inspired cuisine.

Happy Hour Specials

Wine Specials


$5-$7 Glasses of Wine

Discounted Bottles

Beer Specials


$7 - Draft Beer (2 pints)

Hard Liquor

Hard Liquor + Mixed Drinks

$7 - Sangria (2 glasses)

$6 - Botanical

$8 - The Saint

$7 - Spritzer

Food Specials

Food Specials

Happy Hour Bites Menu


Happy Hour Times

  • Monday Open - 7 PM
  • Tuesday Open - 7 PM
  • Wednesday Open - 7 PM
  • Thursday Open - 7 PM
  • Friday Open - 7 PM

Location / Contact


We do our best to ensure the accuracy of each listing, but right now locations are changing their hours quicker than we can keep up. Please visit this location's website by clicking here or checking out their social media to get their latest info.

Our amazing Houston bars and restaurants need our support more than ever right now. Get drinks and food to go if possible. Do what you can to support them. Our city is amazing and we will get through this together.

— Your Friendly Happy Hour Crew

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